More Magical Photos of Umbrellas Dotting the Sky in Portugal

After discovering more photos of the umbrella installation that’s up right now in the small town of Agueda in Portugal, we knew we had to show you them. Not only did Flickr photographer Patricia Almeida add new photos to her collection, we also discovered Pedro Nascimento’s images as well as the ones shared on AgitAgueda’s Facebook page.

AgitAgueda, which runs from July 6 to July 28, is an art festival held in Agueda that consists of concerts, shows, cultural events and crafts. This year, they even put on a colorful carnival-style parade complete with crazy costumes and bands.

Of course, we just can’t get enough of those umbrellas!

AgitAgueda’s Facebook page
Photo credits: [Patricia Almeida, Pedro Nascimento, AgitAgueda]

December 6, 2016

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December 6, 2016

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