Feline-Shaped Cat Caves Are a Stylishly Quirky Alternative to Conventional Pet Beds

Cats love to lounge in boxes, but having a bunch of empty cartons in your home adds little in terms of decor. Agne Audejiene of Agnes Felt creates colorful felted “cat caves” that provide your feline with cozy places to sleep and stalk while incorporating a stylish, modern pet accessory into your home.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, the playful wool houses are inspired by the shape of a feline. Some have pointed ears that extend from their top—like a giant cat head—while others have an opening that’s a silhouetted cat portrait. When your feline climbs inside, the cave becomes a cat within in a cat—it’s cat-ception!

Audejiene now has her cat beds available in a variety of sizes through Etsy.

Agnes Felt: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
via [Design TAXI]

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