Ai Weiwei’s Spectacular Crystal Cube Chandelier

Renowned artist Ai Weiwei has dazzled us in the past with his eye-catching works of art and this piece titled Cube Light, first introduced in 2008, is no exception. The massive structure is, essentially, a chandelier affixed with thousands of crystals. Illuminated from within, the cube emits a sparkling array of light that's bound to draw the gaze of any passerby. The artist's intention with the contemporary piece is to accentuate the overly luxurious lifestyles that are praised and pined after, especially in western culture. It is a physical representation of an overabundance of opulence. After all, who needs a chandelier if it takes up the entire room?

As part of Ai's According to What? exhibition, Cube Light is currently on display at the Hirshhorn Museum through February 24, 2013.

via [My Amp Goes to 11, Tokyowing]

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