Tokyo Apartments Designed Specifically for Motorcyclists

How much do you have in common with your neighbors? If you choose to reside in Tokyo’s NE Apartment, you’re sure to have at least one big interest to discuss with your fellow residents – your shared affinity for motorcycles. Built in collaboration by architects Akiyoshi Takagi, Yuji Nakae, and Hiroshi Ohno, the modern residential building was constructed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts, providing each of the eight housing units its own built-in garage space to store the roaring hogs.

Residents of this three-story Japanese apartment complex can revel not only in the ample room for their bikes to roam, which even allows enough space for a full rotation, but the innovative architectural design that gives the sense of a larger living space. The curves in the modern design add to this impression of more legroom. Additionally, the architects’ intentions with the design is to extend the urban environment into the housing units by incorporating a concrete structural aesthetic that carries over to the interior style of the residential edifice.

Photo credit: Hiroyasu Sakaguchi
Akiyoshi Takagi Architects website
Nakae Architects website
Ohno Japan website
via [The Atlantic]

January 18, 2017

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