Happiness-Inducing Photos of Australian Fur Seals

Sydney-based photographer Alastair Pollock has taken some happiness-inducing photos of Australian Fur Seals around Montague Island in New South Wales, Australia. His passion for underwater photography is evident in his ability to capture the large fur seals in some incredibly playful poses. In one of my favorite photos (above), he's taken a picture of a lone fur seal with bubbles coming out of his head. His clever caption? “Thought Bubble.”

Montague Island is a great place to visit if you love photographing marine wildlife. Their famous fur seals can be viewed from a boat around the northern tip of the island. (Or underwater, if you're as adventurous as Pollock.) During late winter and spring, more than 1,000 are regularly spotted. There are two types of fur seals you'll find around the island. The Australian Fur Seal are known for sitting in tightly-packed groups on rocks, sometimes on top of each another. The less friendly New Zealand Fur Seals are also present. They prefer “body space” and can bite other seals who get too close. (Sounds like a few people I know.)

Around Montague, you're also likely to see penguins, humpback whales and common and bottlenose dolphins. Occasionally, you may even come across a killer whale which makes its grand appearance, not regularly, but several times each year.

Alastair Pollock on Flickr

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