Heartbreaking Story of a Stray Kitten’s Struggle to Survive

Tel Aviv-based photographer Alex Greenshpun took this sweet photo of a stray kitten, with its eyes closed, drinking formula from a small syringe. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, the image, that will forever be burned into our memory, is called The Little Miracle. Greenshpun included this incredibly sad story on her 500px page:

“In loving memory of the little miracle who came to us on a hot July day with her sister. They were found in a parking lot, in a cardboard box, only a day or two old. Who knows how long they’ve been there in the scorching sun? By the look of them, they didn’t even get to taste their mom’s milk before some human put them in a box and threw them out of his house. We tried our best to save them. Feeding them formula every couple of hours, via a syringe; cleaning them, keeping them warm with warm bottles and blankets – as they can’t control their body temperature at this tender age.

“The Little Miracle’s sister passed away the next day.

“But this tiny girl fought her way for survival for a month! We were so sure that she’s safe and that she’ll make it. Our dog would babysit her and clean her, helping us with the job. But she apparently had an inner infection, probably because she didn’t get the basis of her immune system from her mother’s milk. When she passed away quite suddenly, it was a blow straight to my heart. But I know that even though her life was short, during the most of it – she was surrounded by warmth, love and care. She will always be in our hearts. <3

“Please spay/neuter your cat, don’t let innocent souls like this Little Miracle go through so much suffering.”

Update: Right after we put up this post, Alex contacted us, providing us with more photos and information on “The Little Miracle.”

“We called our little miracle Lakshmi, and even though she didn’t stay long with us, she taught me some important lessons. She showed me how much strength and will to live every small creature has. Truly, it’s one thing to understand it intellectually, but a whole different deal when you see it with your own eyes.

“How tightly she held on to that formula-syringe with her tiny paws, how loudly she cried the moment her body needed food. She also taught me via experience how fragile life is, that we all will perish one day and our bodies will turn to dust. She has also taught me to accept the inseparability of life and death. What has been born, will die, what has a beginning has an end – such is the dance of Life. I’m grateful to her, and she will forever be with me in my heart. “

“About half a year since Lakshmi passed away, we decided to adopt another stray kitten. Our newest baby is about 2-months-old now. We took her in when she was a month old. She’s very playful and absolutely adorable. She brings much joy into our lives.”

Alex Greenshpun’s website

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