Spectacular Aerial Photos Reveal Intricate Beauty of Our World

Flamingos in Rosolina, Italy

The best part about sitting in the window seat of an airplane is the view. As it makes its final descent, you have a breath-taking vantage point where everything appears miniaturized and almost unreal. Photographer and licensed pilot Alex MacLean has spent years "sticking his camera out the cockpit" of a small Cessna 182, capturing what he sees below. The results are grandiose images that have an incredible amount of tiny details.

MacLean's aerial photographs include amusement parks, shipping containers, and docks, in addition to swimmers, surfers, and flamingos. A lot of this subject matter isn't unusual, but its bird's-eye-view shines a new light on what we're used to seeing. The small scale creates a repetition of colors and textures, forming abstract patterns that you'd only see from above. It reveals the intricate beauty of our world that we don’t see when we're at ground level.

Floating daisy docks in Chicago

Surfers at Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Cars parked at a Nascar event in Richmond, Virginia

Interchanging flyovers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bathers in an Orlando wave pool

Ocean City Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland

Shipping containers in Portsmouth, Virginia

Loaded coal train cars in Norfolk, Virginia

Commercial logging site in Olympia, Washington

Alex MacLean website
via [The Huffington Post]

December 5, 2016

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