Illustrator Amusingly “Unmasks” the True Identities of Pop Culture Icons for New Book

Alex Solis continues to marvel us with his clever series Icons Unmasked. The witty cartoon-style portraits reveal the unknown “identities” of famous characters in pop culture, and their costumed alter-egos might surprise you. All along, a babbling Minion has been lurking beneath the facade of a Storm Trooper, while the evil Mister Burns is really the one controlling famed billionaire-turned-politician Donald Trump.

The success of Solis' series is in his clever pairings. Normally, the two characters exist in different universes, yet Solis links them using a specific, shared aspect–be it name, personality quirk, or species. We then begin to imagine these two in a whole new light, which is an underlying goal of Solis' work. He explains, “I'm trying to bring a new sense of discovery to characters everyone has seen hundreds of times.”

Solis' on-going project has been one of his most popular to date, and he's recently compiled a number of the illustrations into a book by the same name. If you'd like to own a copy, it's now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Alex Solis: Kickstarter | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Society6
via [Design TAXI]

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