Emotionally Charged Portraits of Faceless Shadows

Paris-based photographer Alexandre Bordereau (aka aRe-y0u-iN) features silhouettes of anonymous people artistically adorned with splashes of white paint for his B&W Portrait series. The unidentified individuals in the self-taught photographer’s ongoing collection are all faceless shadows that manage to evoke different emotions through body language and carefully placed embellishments that makes each portraiture seem like its own universe.

Though the viewer is unable to see any of the subjects’ facial expressions, there is a sense of what the models are feeling. Whether they are in a state of frustration, solitude, calm, or passion, Bordereau makes it clear through his meticulous manipulation and his models’ composition. As he previously told us, “I try to show that it is possible to express an emotion without the expressions of a face.”

Alexandre Bordereau website
via [2photo]

January 18, 2017

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