The Photo Sketchbook of a Passionate Foodie

Organized chaos is a phrase that might be used to describe these Fruits of Labor by artist Alexis Clements. The Denver-based photographer has created a series of still life photographs in which she lines up rusty spoons, cracked eggs, and dusty vegetables in orderly and symmetrical patterns. The imperfections and flaws of the objects combine with the perfect arrangements to create captivating visual displays.

Clements uses all types of foods, from bread and flour to citrus fruits and berries, but regardless of her selections, all of the images feature similar, muted color palettes. The prominent colors of the worn out, ragged objects are grays and browns, and the soft tones are complemented by the occasional splash of vivid orange, golden yellow, or bright red. The artist, who became a vegan three years ago, says, “Food is something I am passionate about. The images here are the beginning of many musings toward a commitment to still life photography. Consider this a sketchbook.”

Alexis Clements' website
via [Don't Hate, Curate]

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