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Chasing the Moon

One of our favorite Flickr photographers we follow, Alexis Mire, has just shared a lovely new set called Chasing the Moon. Reminds me of the girl with seven horses crossed with the magical set we called Falling in Love with the Moon.

“As inspired by some photos I shot a few months ago as well as an assignment in my color photography class, this little series tells the story of a girl gliding through the woods chasing the moon and as she comes closer and closer the colors become more intensive, lush and spring-like.

“I wanted to play with tension and color schemes and combination, as well as Photoshop manipulations.

“I have always been intrigued by levitation work but I have taken the literal way out in most of my endeavors,by literally jumping time and time again until I could achieve the right composition with my body and I decided it was about time I did it a different way, through layer masks and a 10 dollar stool from Walmart.

“I think this was, for the most part, a success (much more so than my first attempt years and years ago).


Alexis Mire's website

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