Tiny Worlds Come Alive Atop Green Flock Fingernails

Recently, Alice Bartlett covered her fingernails with textured green flock and, from that moment, an idea was born. Inspired by the color and texture, she decided that her nails would be a great backdrop for miniature scenes of people doing daily activities. So she identified her favorite tiny models and created these scenes on top of each nail. She then photographed the imaginative stories that came to life in her hands.

An older couple enjoying an afternoon in the park, a young girl gazing at her reflection in a giant window, and a young couple holding hands on the tip of her nail are some of the scenes that Bartlett concocted. This inventive and delicate nail art is the product of a day filled with playful figures, colorful nails, and an exceptionally creative mind.

Alice Bartlett on Flickr
via [Junk-Culture]

January 18, 2017

25 Animals Who Have Mastered the Art of Taking the Perfect Selfie

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