Hunger-Inducing Pantone Swatches in the Form of Food

In the world of graphic design and commercial printing, Pantone swatches are key for color matching. Getting that exact shade of plum purple or a perfectly vibrant tangerine orange can be more precisely accurate in the final printed product by matching the intended shades with this consistent color system.

Inspired by these tiny swatches and their corresponding numbers, artist Alison Anselot created Pantone Food. The project features variations on the typical pantone swatch, in which the Belgium-based artist uses food to complement the corresponding shades. From fresh strawberries to brownies and slices of cheesecake, Anselot found ways to perfectly match each swatch with a monochromatic palette. The final product is a rainbow of deliciously tempting and vibrantly captivating photographs.

If you are interested in the transformation of Pantone swatches into edible delights, you will definitely enjoy Emilie Guelpa’s Pantone dessert tarts.

Alison Anselot’s website
via [Martineken Blog]

January 18, 2017

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