An Expensive Grilled Cheese Sandwhich That Rocks My World! Meltdown Etc. Reviewed.

First things first. Yes, you can probably make these at home in your kitchen. And yes, these grilled cheese sandwiches are a little bit pricey at about $8.50 each. BUT. Oh yes and there is a but. These are some damn good grilled cheese sandwiches! Before heading to the Arc Light to check out the much hyped Slumdog Millionaire, bro and I mosied our hungry booties over to Culver City to try out Meltodwn Etc. You walk in and you immediately think, “hey, they did a pretty good job branding this place.” Ok, so maybe you don’t think that maybe I only think that. You scan the menu and you see things like classic 3 cheese with sharp cheddar, muenster, and fontina on sourdough bread with applewood bacon and tomato. Then you notice they also have 3 cheese quesadillas, caprese sandwiches, reubens and tuna melts. Guess that’s where the “etc.” comes in. I get the 3 cheese and bro gets the cheddar, ham and apple butter sandwich – the top two picks per the owner.

We split our sandwiches so we could enjoy both types. The 3 cheese with bacon and tomato is a smidgin too cheesy but expected for a sandwich that has three in its title. You can’t go wrong with applewood bacon and the combination of the bacon and tomato with the cheese were truly heavenly. (See first pic.)

But boy oh boy the cheddar, ham and apple butter sandwich was something! The sweet taste of apple tingled my tongue and a wave of euphoria came over my body. Now this was a delicious sandwich! Like nothing I’d ever tasted, the sharp cheddar, smoked ham and apple butter bacon was just the perfect but simple combination.

For $3 bucks each we decided to add in the classic tomato soup and the daily special, pumpkin soup, which turned out to be nice additions but nothing special. The tomato soup was a little too sour and the pumpkin soup didn’t scream with flavor. Overall: We came away spending about $14 each for the sandwich plus soup. You can get a half a sandwich and soup for $6.95 but it might not get you full. Of course, bro and I are giant Asians so then again, it might. I’ll definitely be back for that apple butter, ham and cheese sandwich. I’m giving this four stars because it was a little pricey and because the soups could have been a little more tasty. It’s all about value, people! Who Should Go: People who don’t mind spending a little extra for a nicely branded establishment that’s really made for hipsters. People who are craving comfort food in these sad and depressing times. People who love grilled cheese! Tips: Park on the street in metered parking or structures are about a block away. I’ve read that the quesadilla is also good here so try that out, too! They’re only open from 11:30a-3p Mon-Sat, a very narrow window, so remember these times.

Meltdown on Urbanspoon Meltdown Etc. (Yelp) 9739 Culver Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 310.838.6359

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