An Incredible Will to Survive – Elephant Man

Here at theMET, we've teamed up with the people over at National Geographic and had the privilege of screening this emotional documentary last week. It's a story of tragedy and hardship, but most importantly, hope. Known as “China's Elephant Man,” Huang Chuncai suffers from an extreme condition that has grotesquely deformed his face. Exceptionally large tumors have stunted his growth, left his bones undeveloped, caused his spine to buckle and restricted his breathing — a life-crippling condition that has prevented Huang from leaving his small village. Huang's only chance of survival lies in a radical operation, but to have the surgery he must leave his home for only the third time in his life and brave the outside world. NGC tells Chuncai's emotional and heartbreaking story with exclusive access to his family, his doctor and the risky surgery he undergoes. You can catch it on the National Geographic channel on Sunday, June 7 at 9PM ET/PT. Video: A man with a 50 pound tumor on his face arrives at the hospital with his sister to undergo life-changing surgery. Video: China's “elephant man” is in surgery to remove part of his 50-pound tumor — but the procedure may kill him.

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