Photographer Compares Aging Faces Across 60 Years

As we gradually grow older, the changes that take place on a daily basis are subtle. However, over longer periods of time, those minor wrinkles and graying hair become much more noticeable. To show these effects of time and aging on people, London-based photographer Ana Oliveira developed these two projects, entitled Identidades (Identities) and Identidades II (Identities II).

She had her subject provide portraits of themselves from the past and then recreated modern day shots to mimic the exact set-ups, poses, and outfits. For some of the people, the time difference between the first and second photograph spans up to 60 years. The final results are a pairing of two photographs, a visual reminder of the progressions of life and aging. Even though the portraits are of the same people, it’s amazing to see how the tests of time can change their physical appearances. Although changing on the outside, it’s good to remember that even as we slow down with age, we still have the same young and lively spirits on the inside!

Ana Oliveira on Behance

January 16, 2017

Lifelike Paper Birds Adorn Oversized Stamps of Countries Around the World

Using simple, everyday materials, artist Diana Beltran Herrera crafts creatures that are full of life. She transforms paper, wire, and wood into realistic birds whose detailing is nothing short of incredible. The meticulous paper art features individually cut and scored feathers—mimicking the real thing—that are layered into majestic plumage. Through these rigid and repetitive structures, Herrera still manages to capture the feeling that they could go into flight at any moment.

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January 15, 2017

Storybook Landscape Photos Celebrate the Enchanting Beauty of Iceland

The model-photographer duo Victoria Yore and Terrence Drysdale are always on the move. Together, they’re known for their Follow Me Away project and recently enchanted us with their fairy tale images of Oregon. In the short time since, Yore and Drysdale packed their bags for Iceland to explore what the picturesque country had to offer. Like other Follow Me Away series, every photograph is simultaneously stunning and mystifying. The grandiose settings will take your breath away.

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