New 3D Shadow Portraits Made from Thousands of Screws

California-based artist Andrew Myers, who we first introduced you to almost two years ago, has just released these images from his new screw art series. Called “We Don’t Belong in the Shadows,” it consists of three new portraits that are each made from around 2,000 screws as well as paint, wood, and phone book pages.

While the photos taken from the side give you a sense of their 3D nature, watch this video on Andrew Myers’ Facebook page to really get a feel for these mind-boggling pieces. As the camera zooms in and around each portrait, you can see how Myers has masterfully created the contours of each face and how, this time, he’s playing with shadows.

Myers’ website will be updated by mid-February. Make sure to “like” his Facebook page if you’d like to keep up with his latest work.

Andrew Myers’ Facebook page

January 23, 2017

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January 23, 2017

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