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Silver-Screen Charm Captured in Drive-in Theater Paintings

drive in paintingsAndrew Valko gives viewers a ticket to a simpler time in his painting series that animates the allure of the silver screen and the nostalgia of drive-in theaters. The vintage-inspired canvases hearken back to a Grease-esque era when the ideal date was sitting in a convertible looking at stars in the shadow of the snack bar.

In Valko's throwback world, actresses with pin-up curls loom large, and famous faces make guest appearances silhouetted against a suburban landscape of telephone poles and power lines. By focusing not only on drive-in theaters but also their surroundings – such as gas stations and highways – the artist gives viewers a sense of small-town connectivity.

This series is interesting because Valko subtly combines technology across decades. Old and new car models, color and black-and-white pictures and even cordless phones show up within the classic setting of the drive-in theater. In this way, Valko captures a timeless slice of Americana with his brushstrokes.

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