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Villainous Joker Pumpkin by Andy Bergholtz

Whenever Halloween rolls around, we're all wow'd by the incredible pumpkin sculptures of master carver Ray Villafane, but there's another amazing sculptor at Villafane Studios named Andy Bergholtz whose latest pumpkin carving of The Joker has blown us away! It's hard to believe that Bergholtz, who is described as Villafane's “brother from another mother”, only began carving pumpkins one year ago. He has quickly honed his skills and is gaining his own much-deserved fan base.

The California-based talented sculptor was commissioned to carve The Joker for DC Comics' Super-Villains program, as chosen by fans as the “Wild Card” of the Ultimate Super-Villain Team. The pumpkin of the Batman villain took Bergholtz eight hours to complete. Be sure to check out a two-minute time-lapse video of the artist sculpting his villainous masterpiece on Yahoo.

Andy Bergholtz on Facebook
via [Yahoo!]

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