Stunning City Scenes Made Entirely from Cardboard

London-based artist Andy Rudak is a still life advertising photographer with a history of incredibly successful and award-winning work. Recently, the artist began working on a personal project in which he constructs these extraordinarily realistic city scenes completely out of cardboard and other fabricated materials.

After almost a full year of research, planning, design, and building, Rudak, along with a team including set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel, produced a full series of cardboard city creations, ranging from Mumbai to Paris, to New York. Although each city is only about 4-5 feet high, the miniature sets appear almost realistic through the amazing cityscape details as well as Rudak’s creative framing skills and manipulation of perspective.

From drawing the conceptual rough sketches to locating taxidermy animals to adding the finishing touches on the final design, the team did not skimp on any of the details. Rudak describes the project as “a personal view of London, New York, Mumbai, Paris, and Tokyo brought to surreal life in the studio.” The final project has recently been published in a book, where readers can view the construction process from start to finish.

Andy Rudak’s website
via [Junk-Culture]

December 4, 2016

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