Beautifully Sloping Wooden Staircase Creates a Sense of Flow in the Home

We've recently seen some beautifully-designed staircases, and we can now add another one to our list. Arquitectura en Movimento Workshop crafted wooden, sweeping stairs that certainly don't disappoint. They're part of the SDM apartment, a two-storey home located in Mumbai, India.

The stunning staircase really steals the show in this modern home. It was imagined by the architects as a sculpture within the apartment and provides additional lighting and natural ventilation to the space. Gentle, sloping lines create the feeling of flow and movement throughout, and the stairs are visible from almost all of the common areas.

Arquitectura en Movimento Workshop used this dramatic and eye-catching piece to inform other parts of the SDM apartment. The same bold lines are seen in other elements like the blinds and the ceiling.

Arquitectura en Movimento Workshop website
via [Contemporist]

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