Artist James Hoisel’s Funhouse

Tattoos Come to Life!

James Hoisel is an artist from So Paulo, Brazil who has a great sense of humor. He uses a variety of different mediums to create fantastic caricatures that range from the famous to the obscure. Most of his work is created just by using Photoshop, where he spends countless hours perfecting every last detail. You can see where he's been inspired by revered artists like Salvador Dali to underground artists like Mark Ryden. His modern twists, however, make his pieces fresh and unique, showing us how art can be built upon by personal taste and experience.

The Boss

The Bee

Internet Generation


The Stranger on the Beach

Brand Work Mentos Teens candy campaign – “It's a puberty thing”

AE Investment – Surreal

Famous Faces Stalone Rambo

Morgan Freeman

Mr. Burns

Hugh Jackman

Some Sketches:

James Hoisel website

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