Light Projections Illuminate Copenhagen’s Walls

Visual artist Asbjrn Skou works mainly in drawing and site and time-specific installations in public spaces. One of his projects, entitled Markeringer, consisted of oversized light projections that temporarily overtook the walls of a Copenhagen neighborhood in 2010. Portraits of adults, children, and even angels, were illuminated across the blank canvas of various walls for locals and visitors to enjoy.

To create the scenes, Skou hand etched drawings onto black Pani slides with a small needle. As day turned to night, he would set up slide projectors across the neighborhood to cast the small creations against the darkened walls, buildings, and bridges, because he says his work is “concerned with investigating the peripheral and hidden structures of actual spaces and discourse, and communicating these in attempts to navigate and negotiate their identity.” The rotating projections transformed the neighborhood and its structures into live, temporary installations, and a free public art show.

Asbjrn Skou’s website
via [Slow Show]

January 24, 2017

Encouraging Letters Written by Outgoing U.S. Presidents to Incoming Successors

“The critics will rage.” That’s what former President George W. Bush wrote to his successor (then-President-elect) Barack Obama shortly before he took the Oval Office in 2009. Included as a line in a longer note, Bush’s presidential letter is part of a long tradition of presidents writing to those who are replacing them. The parting words transcend party lines and offer advice, camaraderie, and comfort to what will be an inexplicably challenging four (or eight)

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