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October 18, 2017

Google Maps Now Lets You Explore the Solar System in Detail

Google now lets you leap into space with new Google Maps feature that shows 16 different planets, moons, and the International Space Station. You can take a spin around planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Mars or marvel at the many moons of Saturn, with the help of images from the Cassini spacecraft. “Explore the icy plains of Enceladus, where Cassini discovered water beneath the moon's crust—suggesting signs of life,” Google encourages on its blog.

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October 17, 2017

This Virtual Library Card Grants Free Access to 2,000+ Architecture Books

Many of us remember a time when getting your first library card was a rite of passage. Stepping into the library, filling out some details, and getting your card stamped for the first time signaled entry into the world of learning. Now, as time marches on, brick and mortar libraries are giving way to virtual collections, where borrowers can download and read texts online or via e-readers. So what do these changes call for?

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October 16, 2017

Copyright Laws Make Photographs of the Eiffel Tower at Night Illegal

As a photographer, it's always important to understand copyright laws in whatever country you're photographing. For instance, most people know that you'll need a model release if you intend on publishing images of people for commercial or editorial purposes. But what if you want to photograph, or simply use imagery of, a famous monument—one that's outdoors in public space? This is where things can get tricky.

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October 13, 2017

Airstream Unveils New “European Inspired” Trailer Ready for Off-the-Grid Living

For over 80 years, Airstream has continued to innovate, evolving the way travelers can take to the open road while bringing the comforts of home with them. After introducing an affordable Airstream last year, the American company is back with a new twist on the classic trailer. The Airstream Globetrotter is a European-inspired trailer with a minimalist interior and ability to go off-grid.

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