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April 21, 2017

Interview: Cinematic Photos Capture the Traditional and Modern Essence of Tokyo

Dutch cinematographer and photographer Stijn Hoekstra recently traveled to Tokyo, where he captured Japan's capital from a cinematic perspective. With muted tones and unexpected compositions, his photographs reveal a Tokyo far from the neon-soaked snaps that typically exemplify the city. Having studied cinematography, spending time as a camera assistant on both big budget and independent films after graduation, Hoekstra fell into photography after shooting behind-the-scenes images as gifts for the crew.

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April 20, 2017

World’s “Mattest and Flattest” Black Paint is Now Available for All Worldwide

The battle for the blackest black rages on. In one corner, you have Vantablack, touted as the blackest black substance in existence. And in the other, artists who want access to Vantablack in order to create the blackest paint. Unfortunately, when British artist Anish Kapoor co-opted exclusive rights to the pigment, many an artistic dream was dashed. That is, until fellow Brit Stuart Semple joined the fray.

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