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May 24, 2015

Teenagers Design Tiny Houses For Seattle Homeless Community

A group of enterprising teenagers in Seattle has turned out an innovative set of plans to make life easier for the city's homeless population, and they're now making the designs a reality. The Niceville encampment is a community officially sanctioned by the city of Seattle that offers shelter and structure to individuals seeking to turn their luck around.

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May 10, 2015

Artist Christoph Niemann Transforms Everyday Items into Whimsical Sketches

Christoph Niemann incorporates everyday items into clever sketches that offer a dizzying sense of depth and whimsical perspective. The New York native can take an avocado and make it look like a catcher's mitt; he can transform a comb into a fancy Rolls Royce; he can even turn a poppy-seed bagel into unshaved whiskers. Based on where he places the objects within the pictures, Niemann can create an impressive sense of motion or depth.

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