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March 23, 2017

Geometric Wood Blocks Painted to Look Like Colorful Gemstones

Environmentally-conscious artist Victoria Wagner uses reclaimed wood to create colorful sculptures. Cleverly called Woodrocks, the striking series features wooden works that are cut and painted to look like glistening gemstones. Using wood salvaged from downed trees (including coast live oak, redwood, Douglas fir, and Gravenstein apple) found in local forests, Wagner hand-carves the asymmetrical, geometric sculptures. She then decorates each piece with oil paints, tracing the wood’s natural patterns and accentuating its organic aesthetic.

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March 22, 2017

Visually Satisfying Compositions of Flowers and Botanical Arrangements

As a yoga teacher, Ja Soon Kim incorporates elements of the meditative practice into her creative work. In her series of botanical arrangements, Kim neatly organizes colorful vegetation into beautifully balanced compositions. Simply set against either a black or white background, the creations capture the unique shapes, hues, and textures of different species of plants. The botanical elements featured in the series span leaves, flowers, succulents, fruits, vegetables, and even sticks.

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