Awesome Art: Tracking Panda Eyes (5 pics + video)

Blink and you may have missed this totally awesome art exhibition from the World Wildlife Federation last year. Called Pandamonium, WWF invited top British artists and designers to create innovative and memorable artworks out of old panda collection boxes – helping spread WWF's message that the world's rapidly changing climate affects people, wildlife and the natural world. British artists such as Peter Blake, Tracy Emin and Rachel Whiteread displayed their work at Selfridges to raise money for the cause.

Artist Jason Bruges responded by creating Panda Eyes, an art work using an army of a hundred of the Charity's emblematic Pandas. The bears rotate and track the viewer as he or she approaches with their beady little eyes. Cute and creative!

Other artists, like Laura Ford, encrusted her bears with barnacles. Still others have pandas with laser eyes!
Watch this cool video from WWF to see these awesome art works and find out what the inspiration was behind each piece.

Via Londonist, Jason Bruges Studio

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