Modern Day Trojan Horse Formed with Computer Keys

Today, when we use a computer, the keyboard is generally a major device used to achieve our desired on-screen results. In terms of typing, some of us use the hunt and peck method to type out words, while others effortlessly glide over the numbers, letters, and symbols, looking anywhere but down at the keyboard. Ultimately, those buttons that connect our thoughts to the screen are an important part of many of our everyday lives.

Artist Babis Pangiotidis knows the value of these keys, and used them to create this sculpture, entitled Hedonism(y) Trojaner. The artist draws on the two symbols of the Trojan Horse, first, an act of trickery that took place during the Trojan War, and second, a type of malicious software that modern-day hackers use to dupe others into downloading computer viruses.

Made out of recycled resin and various shades of white, ivory, and brown computer keys, this replica of the mythical Trojan horse stands as an emblem of contemporary dependencies on the digital world. Pangiotidis sculpture is a visual reminder of the daily risks that computer-users face every day.

Babis Pangiotidis' website
via [My Eclectic Depiction of Life]

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