Spectacular Gravity-Defying Levitation Photos by Bairon Rivera

Maryland-based conceptual photographer Bairon Rivera (of Barnel Photography) defies gravity in his fascinating photo series titled Levitation?, which features people jumping, falling, and floating in midair. At times bright and cheery, at times eerie and moody, the photos are always stunning and intriguing.

Rivera’s photos take on a surreal tone as it captures acts that are simply impossible in this world: riding a bicycle through the air without the wheels ever touching the ground, steadily walking up the side of a tree, floating precariously above a stream of water. Levitation isn’t just limited to people, either; in one photo, rocks hover around a subject who is suspended upside-down in midair. Looking at the spectacular photos, the viewer can’t help but wonder about the alternate reality that Rivera has created, a world in which people and objects cannot be contained on the ground.

Bairon Rivera on Flickr
Barnel Photography on Facebook

January 18, 2017

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