Beautiful Subway Stations Around the World (8 Stations)

T-Centralen Metro Station – Stockholm, Sweden [link]

When I think about magnificent, modern architecture, the first thought that crosses my mind is buildings. My hope is that after looking at this set, you’ll be stunned and amazed at the vast amount of beauty and creativity found underground. From Europe to Asia, let’s take a journey beneath the streets to see what subway stations around the world have to offer… Solna Centrum Metro Station – Stockholm, Sweden [link]

Komsomolskaya Metro Station – Mosco, Russia [link]

St.-Quirin-Platz – Munich, Germany [link]

Dubai Metro [link]

Museum Subway Station – Toronto, Canada [link]

Iidabashi Station – Tokyo, Japan [link]

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel – Shanghai, China [link]

December 8, 2016

25 Purrfect Gifts for People Who Love Animals

If you’re feeling like a busy bee this hectic holiday season, finding the purrfect presents for friends and family can seem like a daunting task. With this cute and cuddly collection of critter-centric gifts, however, you can cross any animal-loving loved ones off your list. Inspired by the diversity of the animal kingdom, this unique selection showcases a wide range of goodies.

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December 7, 2016

Mom Prepares Healthy Meals as Cartoon Characters for Son to Eat

Getting pint-sized, picky eaters to finish their fruits and vegetables can be a tricky task for many parents. For food artist Laleh Mohmedi, however, it’s a piece of cake. Using healthy ingredients and a bit of creativity, the Melbourne mom dishes out meals inspired by her 4-year-old son’s favorite animated characters. From expressive Pixar monsters to a spot-on Spongebob Squarepants, Mohmedi reproduces a range of beloved childhood icons out of meat, pasta, and other dinner staples.

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