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Beautifully Dreamy Photography by Emma Hartvig

London-based photographer Emma Hartvig wrote to us to share her beautifully cinematic photos. We were absolutely delighted to see her stunning work that feels somewhere between a lovely dream and a romantic movie. The way this 22-year-old photographer brings out her models' raw emotions, in a natural and unforced way, makes her work feel wonderfully refreshing.

“I concentrate on performance, theater, and stage,” she says. “I try to create a dreamy world that could as well be taken from a film. They are, in a way, a frozen moment from a whole concept. Like a still from a film.”

“The point of art must be to touch people and inspire,” she says. “So I guess that's what I'm doing – I'm giving away something of myself to an audience that will mean something to them.”

Emma Hartvig's website

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