Awesome Behind the Scenes Photos of Classic Film Hits


Movies have captivated the attention of audiences since the medium was first discovered, developed, and shared with the masses in the late 19th century. From the early rise of silent black and white pictures to digitally enhanced and technically perfected films we’re accustomed to today, there’s an attraction to being whisked away into a movie. We like escaping to these alternate universes, which is why so many classic hits, cult favorites, and box office sensations seem to be filled with the most action, drama, and romance. But, there’s a whole other world behind the scenes.

While immersed in each film’s narrative and compelling visual effects, we tend to lose sense of the fact that the characters we see on screen (and those off-screen) are people in real life – actors, directors, and crews doing their jobs. It can be just as enveloping to step out of the realm of the film to sneak a peek into the intense process that goes into the mechanics of these big budget blockbusters like Transformers and Inception. Even the three-man operation of animating puppets Bert and Ernie is absolutely fascinating. There’s also something inexplicably engrossing about watching these professionals donned in elaborate costumes, like Sir Ian McKellan dressed as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, taking a break to look over their lines.

Check out some of the most interesting behind-the-scenes shots of popular films, from Gone with the Wind to Star Wars, below.




Star Wars

The Lord of the Rings


Silence of the Lambs


Star Wars

Gone with the Wind

Some Like It Hot

Planet of the Apes

The Godfather

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Lon: The Professional

Back to the Future

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