Hundreds of Hanging Red Coils Symbolize Human Connections

This gorgeous array of floating red discs, called the Lure Installation Series, is a contemplative exploration of an ancient Chinese legend, which states that, “When children are born, invisible red threads connect them to their soul mates. Over the years of their lives they come closer and eventually find each other, overcoming the distance between, and cultural and social divides.”

Created by multidisciplinary artist Beili Liu, each site-specific installations symbolizes direct human connections and love throughout the world. To create each individually handmade coil, the artist ties a knot in the center of each disc and then spirals it into a circular shape. She then suspends hundreds of lines from the ceiling with needles and pierces the center of each disc with a second needle.

As a result, when viewers pass by, the coils slightly sway as if coming alive. Liu explains, “It’s a piece very much about human connections. About our relationships–how it’s not always very clear sometimes. We have entanglements and confusions and every now and then we do find the other one.”

Beili Liu’s website
via [Anita Leocadia]

January 19, 2017

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January 19, 2017

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