House Stuck in Tree Outside Senior Citizens’ Clubhouse


Antwerp-based visual artist Benjamin Verdonck created this giant treehouse as a part of TRACK, a unique public and interactive art project in the city of Ghent. TRACK designates six areas of the city where artists can find inspiration and produce all kinds of work that embrace the social, environmental, cultural and political issues of the city. Participants who visit the art project are left to their own devices to explore the streets of Ghent and experience personal interactions with the public exhibits.

Verdonck’s treehouse, entitled Vogelenzangpark 17bis, is built directly outside of a senior citizens clubhouse. Designed to mimic the surrounding buildings that feature 1950’s architecture, the treehouse fits in perfectly, minus the fact that it is nestled high above ground in the branches of a tree. The treehouse design is too small for people to actually fit inside, but according to the artist, it does “fill the spectator with a desire to withdraw to a place where he or she feels free and can reflect.”

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Benjamin Verdonck: TRACK
via [Inspix]

January 24, 2017

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