Best Nature Photos of 2012

Over the last year, there have been countless images that have been circulated throughout the media, and while there are many branches to the art of photography, there's something about pictures of nature that never cease to amaze us. Photographers across the globe remind us everyday that the world we live in is an amazing place with a bounty of beauty to offer by framing various natural occurrences in breathtaking compositions and simply capturing some breathtaking shots.

Whether the photos shared across the world present the impending dangers of global warming and the rapid melting effect that is already occurring in Greenland or simply a mother bird feeding her babies, they are all eye-opening and impart some insight into the lands we live on and the practices of our fellow inhabitants. Through these images, viewers are given the opportunity to connect to all that nature has to offer. It isn't everyday that you see the natural phenomena of a swirling green aurora in the sky or an up-close view of a bee feasting on the sap of a flower with your own eyes. Thankfully, there are these dedicated photographers to come prepared, stay up late, get in close, and remain alert to capture such magnificent landscapes and wildlife.

Here is a selection of some of the most awe-inspiring images of nature taken this year, first seen at The Big Picture.

via [this isn't happiness, The Big Picture]

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