Tiny People Living in a Giant Adventurous World

Coffee Anyone?

Germany-based photographer Bettina Gber creates a small world of adventures with her tiny people and life-sized props. Using toy figures, Gber arranges scenes into her “just for fun” project, entitled Small People, and then photographs the scene as a documentation of the event. She dubs each piece with humorous titles that are appropriate to the activity, including Morning Post!, Coffee Anyone?, and Would you like some meat?

Each of her characters experience every day life activities like cooking dinner, having a beer after work, and reading a newspaper. The difference is, the world around her figures is enormous. The beer bottles overtake the room and a chef is just a mere speck amidst a large pile of lettuce. Using extreme size disproportions, Gber takes her viewers on a unique adventure through an unexpected world.

If you like this type of work, you will enjoy Kyle Kirkpatrick’s literary landscapes, the collection entitled Disparity by Christopher Boffoli, and Fragmented Chronicles, a collection of creative storytelling rings by Riyo Chan and Howard Kwong.

Morning Post!


Waiting for Godot


Don’t even think about it!

Hmm…where to begin?

After the work is done…

Please do not disturb!

Would you like some meat?

Hey!! Siesta!!

Bettina Gber on Behance
via [Devid Sketchbook]

January 24, 2017

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