Fashion Photos Matched Perfectly with Artistic Images

The concept is simple: choose fashion-related pictures and pair them with other beautiful images. The Tumblr blog Where I See Fashion does just that, and the results are stunning. Started in 2013 by Italian fashion design student Bianca Luini, the blog has amassed a large following because of the collection of striking pictures that Luini carefully matches and curates.

Whether the paired images are related through similar colors, shapes, concepts, or sensations, somehow the photos of clothes, models, runways, and editorial shoots seem like they were created to be matched with images of art, landscapes, architecture, nature, and design. This just goes to show that fashion and beauty can be found anywhere, even in the everyday scenes that surround us. In Luini’s words, “I see fashion everywhere and everything in fashion.”

To see more beautifully paired images, check out Where I See Fashion on Tumblr.

Where I See Fashion

January 24, 2017

Encouraging Letters Written by Outgoing U.S. Presidents to Incoming Successors

“The critics will rage.” That’s what former President George W. Bush wrote to his successor (then-President-elect) Barack Obama shortly before he took the Oval Office in 2009. Included as a line in a longer note, Bush’s presidential letter is part of a long tradition of presidents writing to those who are replacing them. The parting words transcend party lines and offer advice, camaraderie, and comfort to what will be an inexplicably challenging four (or eight)

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