Revealing Split Portraits of Immediate Family Members

Aging is a visually recognizable occurrence, as we’ve seen in photographer Bobby Neel Adams’ AgeMaps, but there’s something even more fascinating about comparative portraits between relatives. That is perhaps why Adams followed his last project with Family Tree, a photo series that juxtaposes the portraits of two relatives. Rather than simply seeing a before and after shot of one person, we see two people in the present day that display a feasible version of themselves from the past or the future in their own kin.

While the series does also address the aging process, it takes an additional look at the likeness between individuals who share bloodlines, specifically those that are immediate family members–father/son, mother/daughter, father/daughter, mother/son. Even if the coloring is a little off, silver on one side and brunette on the other, there is an undeniable resemblance. Using his signature method of piecing together two torn photographs, Adams presents a intriguing look at “the visual DNA passed from generation to generation.”

If you like this series, you should also check out Ulric Collette’s Genetic Portraits and Frauke Theilking’s Generation.

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January 16, 2017

Powerful Portraits Capture the History and Masculinity of Mongolian Wrestling

“Like going to war.” This is how one of the wrestlers in photographer Ken Hermann and art director Gem Fletcher‘s project Bökh, describes Mongolian wrestling. Shot in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, the resulting portraits and short film pay respect to this ancient tradition. It’s a tradition that is still very much alive in the nomadic communities that account for 30% of the country’s population.

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January 16, 2017

Life-Saving Poster Uses Lemons to Illustrate Different Signs of Breast Cancer

At first glance, the bright and colorful Know Your Lemons poster may not appear to be dealing with an issue of life or death. A closer look, however, reveals the severity of the situation at hand. Created by the Worldwide Breast Cancer organization, the clever image uses manipulated photos of lemons to illustrate the tell-tale physical signs of breast cancer.

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