‘Bookchair’ Doubles as Shelving and Seating with Chair That Blends into Bookcase

Bookchair Bookshelf Chair Sou Fujimoto

As a master of modern architecture, designer Sou Fujimoto is known for his minimalist creations. In the past, we've admired his large-scale designs, including a transparent house and a tree-inspired tower. Now, Fujimoto has shifted gears to create Bookchair, a stunning piece of contemporary furniture.

With its compact structure and 2-in-1 design, Bookchair combines ample storage with convenient seating. Stylistically, the unit is reminiscent of a standard square bookshelf. However, it inventively features a built-in chair that seamlessly slides in and and out of its shelving. When nestled in the bookcase's cut-out, the chair—which is cut from a single piece of wood and features storage slots identical to the rest of the structure—is essentially camouflaged, accentuating the unit's unique design.

Fujimoto created Bookchair for Alias, an Italian design firm with a focus on “technological lightness, versatility, [and] innovation.” This approach to architecture is apparent in much of Fujimoto's work, and, as he explains, in Bookchair specifically. “Bookchair comes to life through the aggregation of a new element, the chair within the bookcase, based on a concept that aims to reflect the basic, fundamental relationship between a book and its reader.”

If you're interested in learning more about Fujimoto's experimental practice, check out Sou Fujimoto Architecture Works 1995-2015, a book that highlights his most memorable projects. 

Architect and designer Sou Fujimoto has created Bookchair, a bookshelf chair that pairs sleek storage with a convenient place to sit.

Bookchair Bookshelf Chair Sou Fujimoto Bookchair Bookshelf Chair Sou Fujimoto Bookchair Bookshelf Chair Sou Fujimoto Bookchair Bookshelf Chair Sou Fujimoto

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All images via Sou Fujimoto.

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