Awesome Breaking Bad Art Exhibition

Whether you’re a pop culture fanatic or a casual TV watcher, you’re bound to have heard some buzz about a television drama called Breaking Bad. The AMC program, which is currently running its fifth season, has accumulated quite a following over the years, inspiring its followers to produce some remarkable fan art. We’ve featured an excellent array of the show’s fan art in the past, but now there is an entire exhibit devoted to the creations by Breaking Bad enthusiasts.

Some of the best pop culture artists today, like Mike Mitchell, are participating in the exhibit presented by Breaking Gifs. The exhibition titled Breaking Bad Art Project is currently showing at Gallery 1988 in Melrose through August 26, 2012. Selected works are also available for purchase through Gallery 1988, though they’re selling out fast. Take a look, below, at some of the works that are on display. If you’re not up to date on the show, be forewarned that there are some major spoilers ahead and I also highly recommend you catch up on the program that is arguably the best show on television right now.

Top photo: “The Cooks” by Mike Mitchell

“I Am the Danger” by Aled Lewis

“Jesse Pinkman” by Rhys Cooper

“Mexican Shootout” by Rich Kelly

“Breaking Bad” by Lora Zombie

“Teddy Bear” by Lora Zombie

“Walt and the Bad Breakers – Blue Sky” by Joey Spiotto

“Breaking Bad: The Animated Series (Spoiler Variant)” by Ian Glaubinger

“Emilio's Disposal” by Dave Perillo

“Tio Salamanca” by Tom Whalen

“Saul Goodman” by Chris Delorenzo

“Gus” by Anthony Petrie

“Superlab” by Kevin Tong

“Breaking Bad” by Ken Taylor

“Here Lies Heisenberg” by Glen Brogan

“The Last Bucket” by Mike Mitchell

“Yo” by Mike Mitchell

“Cheetos Not Fritos” by Mike Mitchell

“Laundry Day” by Mike Mitchell

“Better Call Saul” by Ken Garduno

“You Are A Blowfish” by Rich Pellegrino

Gallery 1988 website
Breaking Gifs website
via [Laughing Squid, BuzzFeed]

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