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Simply Beautiful Self-Portraits from a 17-Year-Old

Like Alex Stoddard, Kalie Garrett, Sarah Ann Loreth, or Robby Cavanaugh, Brendon Burton is one of those young, rising talents we have our eyes on. The 17-year-old from Myrtle Creek, Oregon has been taking simply beautiful self-portraits for his 365 project.

His most popular photo to date is titled “Oxygen” (see above). It's a stunning double exposure which was inspired by another photographer we've featured here named Matt Wisniewski. Gorgeously ethereal, the image seems as if Burton has been fused with nature's clouds.

Look through his Flickr photostream and you'll (excitedly) notice how Burton's photography has started to evolve. As he says, “Before my 365 project I had only dabbled in landscape photography, so from the beginning of the project to the present documents the entire process of finding my own style. In my opinion, my editing has improved greatly, and I have started exploring more conceptual styles.”

As for what he's learned along the way? Burton says, “This project has been an amazing learning experience. Taking a photo everyday has given me confidence, pushed me to try things I normally wouldn't, and has documented my progress throughout a very important year of my life. I have found a way to express myself, and I hope to pursue a future career in photography.”

Brendon Burton's Flickr

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