Brooklyn’s Colorful Characters – Alex Brown (12 pics)

It's amazing how artists and photographers seem to find our site after we post on them. Alex Brown came into the Met after seeing one of his pictures featured on The Everyday Life of Darth Vader post. In his latest project, Alex captures the colorful characters of Brooklyn. He set up a photo booth inside a tent, hoping to shoot as many portraits as possible. The booth was set up for five Saturdays over a course of a few months and Alex managed to capture over 250 people. “I originally conceived this project after moving from Manhattan to Fort Greene in Brooklyn. I was really struck by all the diverse and cool characters I would see in the neighborhood. I have always been interested in shooting straightforward portraits of regular people and trying to capture their individual quirks and style.”

So what's next for Alex? “I am thinking of continuing my project next Spring when the weather improves. I would also like to set up the photo booth in different locations in other parts of New York, other cities and even other countries.” Fantastic work, Alex! We hope you make your way out to LA. Alex Brown

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