Eco-Friendly Skateboard is Made Using Recycled Fishing Nets

Fishing nets are not a material that you'd imagine a skateboard would be made of. The three friends who make up the company Bureo, however, know differently. Ben Kneppers, David Stover, and Kevin Ahearn worked in partnership with the creative collective Satori Movement and designer Gabriella Laruccia to craft The Minnow, a unique board that uses roughly 30 square feet of harvested fishing nets. The eco-friendly product also includes wheels that are made from 30% vegetable oil and 100% recycled cores.

The project all started after the founders became aware of the various threats to our waterways. They wanted to do their part to help and came up with the solution (and tagline) of "Skateboards for Plastic-Free Oceans." After months of development and research, they found that nets were highly recyclable and could produce the kind of boards that they wanted. Bureo traveled to Santiago, Chile where they established Net Positiva, a fishnet collection and recycling program.

The Minnow reflects the natural recycled color (black) of their underlying fishnet formula, but also has a few color options. Their successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign features a bright blue fish scale pattern on the top of the board that complements its vibrant wheels. Now, you can ride in style while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

Bureo Kickstarter page and Bureo website
via [Inhabitat]

January 24, 2017

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