Exquisitely-Carved Wedding Bands Perfectly Fit Together to Complement a Couple’s Union

Finding your perfect match is what being in love is all about, and so it makes sense that a wedding band set would reflect this joyous union. Tel Aviv-based designers CADI Jewelry have created rings that fit together as well as you and your beloved do—when placed side by side, the minimalist-style bands create special love-inspired shapes like hearts, moons, and stars.

The unique pieces are forged from metals including rose gold and black silver, with tiny notches cut into their smooth circles. Alone, these subtractions offer an unconventional styling that’s mostly inconspicuous, but it has a subtle and compelling emotional component. As you wear the ring, you know that only your partner could complete it and by extension, the life you both share.

CADI Jewelry currently sells their rings—which can be custom engraved—on Etsy.

CADI Jewelry: Website | Etsy | Facebook
via [The Huffington Post]

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