Deep Space Web Images Become Stunning Star Fields

One of our favorite experimental photographers, Caleb Charland, recently embarked on a new adventure where he grabs very pixelated images of deep space off the web and chemically alters them. He sent us both the faraway and detail shots to show “how the pixels from the source image dissolve into gaseous traces of ink.”

For those unfamiliar with Charland’s work, check out this older post that present many examples of how Charland incorporates math and science into his unique style of photography. He always finds a way to keep us on our toes. Like any great artist, we never know where he’s planning to take us next.

Caleb Charland’s website

December 5, 2016

Dreamy Photos Capture the Natural Beauty of Rolling Fog Waves

After 8 years of experimentation, photographer Nicholas Steinberg has perfected the art of fog photography. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Steinberg is one of many “Fogaholics” who are glued to the weather reports, just waiting for fog to roll in. As a result, he’s always ready to capture these misty waves at any elevation. Mt. Tamalpais is the location for this stunning series, with a cottony blanket of clouds billowing over the landscape.

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December 4, 2016

Adventure Photographer Swims With Millions of Jellyfish

Ever wonder what it would be like to swim with jellyfish? Travel and adventure photographer Kien Lam fulfilled this fantasy by flying across the globe to Jellyfish Lake in Micronesia. Anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish can attest—it’s not a pleasant experience. But Jellyfish Lake in Palau is filled with millions of jellyfish that have evolved in a way that makes it safe for humans to swim in the same waters.

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