Preserving a Penguin’s Life Through Photography

What’s black and white and has a tough life? A penguin. While we revel in how cute penguins are and the funny internet gifs they star in, these flightless birds lead incredibly difficult lives. Like the documentary March of the Penguins, this photo series titled A Penguin’s Life by photographer Camille Seaman gives a glimpse into the hardships endured by penguins in Antarctica. The tuxedoed birds waddle across the snowy plains in the bitter cold for half of their lives. Their arctic habitats, unfortunately, are clearly in danger which seems to be what inspires the photographer to document their lives.

Seaman officially began her photography career at the age of thirty-two. Having lived in New York in her youth, she racked up a number of pictures of her and her friends with the World Trade Center as part of the skyline in the background. The significance of a photograph dawned on her after the towers’ devastating collapse in 2001. In an interview with Outside magazine, Seaman says, “I understood for the first time the importance of a photograph as a historic document–you know, proof that these buildings existed.” From that point on, the photographer utilized the camera as a tool for capturing archival footage of today’s world, which is ever-changing. Her interest in the arctic landscapes all began with a flight change. Rather than flying to sunny LA, Seaman opted for a seat on Alaska Airlines to the frigid airs of Kotzebue, Alaska. From there, she continued to venture to various arctic lands to capture the beauty of the glacial scenery and its majestic creatures.

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December 2, 2016

3-Year-Old Boy Forms Adorable Friendship With Foster Family’s Dog

If you ever need proof that dog is man’s best friend, look no further than Instagram. The social media site has no shortage of picture-perfect pups, as many doting dog owners share snapshots of life with their four-legged friends. While some go on adventures together and others dress alike, Reagan the labradoodle and “Little Buddy”—his family’s foster child—do both. Reagan was adopted by Oregon resident Sandi Swiridoff when he was just 11 months old.

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December 1, 2016

Quirky Matchbox Greeting Cards Open to Reveal Cute Illustrated Messages

The handmade products crafted by Shop3xu combine meaningful messages with delightful pictures. What makes the Vietnam-based Etsy shop’s well-wishes especially unique is how they’re inscribed—not on typical cardstock or glossy paper, but on upcycled matchboxes. Combining the company’s love of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, each matchbox card features felicitations accompanied by two tiny, hand-drawn illustrations: one on its cover, and one nestled inside.

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