Campeones del mundo!

I'm sure you fellas will forgive the title in spanish, 'cause… Spain won the World Cup! Even for those of us who are not much into footbal (soccer in the states), it was a historic moment, as our team had never played a final match in the World Cup before. And, indeed, Spain loves football. It is considered as the national sport because of it's league, best in the world they say. Anyway. We lived an amazing night that continued after the match, on the streets. Every single city in the country was celebrating. Pure and delightful madness flooded every single corner. I would let you some picture of the match, and later on I'll add some of the celebration.

The goal of victory. With less than 3 minutes to the end of the match. It was… wow. Just wow.

Casillas, the hero. Best gatekeeper in the whole world.

Ninja kick, dutch style. No fair play at all, quite agressive and violent. So glad they didn't win.

He led us to glory. I'm sure a lot of kids born nine months from now would be called ‘Andrs'.And the cutest moment of the championship. Iker Casillas, spanish gatekeeper, kisses his girlfriend while she is interviewing him (she's a reporter). Lovely.

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