New Floppy Disc and Film Negative Portraits by Nick Gentry

An influential figure in the urban art scene, British artist Nick Gentry continues to create intriguing images using floppy discs and vintage film negatives. Consumption, innovation, and technology are all themes that resonate within his artwork. 

Gentry constructs canvases from floppy discs that he embellishes with oil paint and shadowy undertones, leading the focus to the chilling eyes within the illustrations. For his other portraits, he layers negatives to showcase the contrast and shape of the faces, creating emphasis to the overall image and each undeveloped print.

He chronicles historical media that once played a vital role in modern technology and has outlasted its purpose. Gentry voices that, "Today we go to great lengths to create a digital identity in addition to the actual lives we live, with the belief that these online records are only growing in importance and will outlive us." 

Nick Gentry’s Website
via [Faith is Torment]

January 24, 2017

Clever Map Renames the World With Over 1,000 Song Titles

Creative house Dorothy is back at it again with their latest clever design, the World Song Map. As a follow up to their successful London Song Map, their newest creation turns their attention to the rest of the world. The amount of detail is incredible as each continent, country, city, ocean, river and landmark is expertly named with a recognizable song.

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January 24, 2017

Stylish Men Start Iraq’s First Gentlemen’s Fashion Club While Doing Social Good

When you think of Iraq, you probably don’t think of fashion, but a group of dapper men are trying to change that. Calling themselves Mr. Erbil—named after the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan—the 30 core members are part of “Iraq’s first gentlemen’s fashion club.” Together, they don the likes of tailored three-piece suits, manicured beards, and colorful pocket squares. Looking good is one part of their mission, but they’ve got loftier goals. Mr.

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