Brilliantly Patterned Jewelry Made from Layers of Cut Colored Pencils

Czech Republic-based jewelry designer Anna Curlejov of Carbickov transforms colored pencils into whimsical brooches, necklaces, and earrings. She does this by mixing different parts of the pencils to produce brilliant, colorful layers: the ends, when halved, create a honeycomb-like pattern; and splitting the pencils lengthwise creates a striped effect. The elements are arranged in sections, and one piece of jewelry will often contain multiple motifs. After the design is finalized, Curlejov applies a transparent lacquer to the overall form, which sets it into place and gives it a lustrous sheen.

Curlejov currently sells her colorful creations through her Etsy shop.

Carbickova: Etsy | Facebook
via [Frozen Crafts]

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